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Know when a New listing comes on market that day!

The Benefits of me setting up an auto e-mail for you are limitless. Would you like to know the day a new listing comes on the market before everyone else? How about getting notified the day a listing you have been watching has a price reduction? Or even finding out what a property sells for the day it sells? That will take the guesswork out of hearing it from a neighbor. 
If you contact me and give me the details of what you are looking for. I can set you up with an auto e-mail. It can send you an e-mail update notifying you of any changes that day or once a month. Whatever you choose, for me it's easy to do. That way I'm not contacting you, you can contact me when you're ready to make a move. 
It's so simple, quick, and easy for me to do it's really no trouble. I prefer a passive way of giving people the information and having them coming for more. I've been a Realtor for over 15 years and I know you don't get business by contacting people and bothering them. A professional Real Estate Agent provides outstanding service and information. The Okanagan, Vernon, Armstrong, and surrounding area's in BC are all within my searching abilities. An auto e-mail saves you hours of searching every day.