Property Management in Vernon, Armstrong, and surrounding areas in BC

Do You Feel Handcuffed To Your Rental?

I've made it my business to take care of your rentals for over 20 years.

For you to do it alone is simply lonely and possibly risky. I have a team behind me and we ensure your rental is taken care of. Currently, there are two bookkeepers working at Royal LePage involved with property management. I have two unlicensed assistants working directly for me. Below, I have more information about the group. It is worth mentioning that I'm not the only property manager at Royal LePage.
It has taken years to collect my list of honest and trustworthy tradespeople. All trades realize that business from me does not end after one job. If they keep my Landlords happy then I'm happy to use them in perpetuity.

Keep in mind if you are ever out of province your insurance may be void if you don't have a property manager. Recent legislation changes have made it clear that penalties for a landlord can be up to 12 months' rent. If you're not familiar with the recent changes, not having a property manager, might cost you more than the fees ever could. A 12-months rent fine is a similar cost to having your property managed for 12 years. 
Are you concerned about another problem coming up with your rental while you are away? Sick of constant phone calls from your Tenants? Are you tired of learning about new tenancy legislation the hard way? Hire me and be as involved or uninvolved as you would like to be. Let my experience guide you in attracting better tenants at higher market rent. Let me take care of all the paperwork including proper inspections both on move-in and move-out that is required by legislation. Accompanied by an ironclad tenancy agreement that will protect you as a landlord. If you're using the standard tenancy provided by the government you will find out the hard way it is too vague. Today's times require experts to take care of your largest investments. Recent marijuana law changes need to be addressed immediately with all existing tenancies. If you haven't done this yet that's my recommendation to you. If you're not ready yet to hire a property manager please feel free to contact me when you feel in over your head. I always do what I can to help.

Bookkeeping with well over 40 years experience and still cutting edge.

Royal LePage Downtown Realty Ltd. in Vernon & Armstrong BC is blessed to have 2 Bookkeepers in property management. With offices in both Vernon and Armstrong, our head bookkeeper has over 40 years of experience in administration. Kathy is self-motivated, organized and attentive to detail. Kathy's current role is Administrator and head bookkeeper who oversees the Property Management Division. Kathy is the puppet master behind the scenes and due to her being on demand and moving the office into the future she is behind the scene's the majority of the time. Kathy has been in the Okanagan since her teens. She has raised a family here and enjoys the Okanagan lifestyle. Our main bookkeeper for property management has proved herself through baptism under fire. She has always been able to adapt and overcome any challenge put before her. For someone so new to this she has the knowledge of an old soul. We are impressed and as a result given her a high workload. Both Bookkeepers are here and under pressure making diamonds. As always if you have any question direct them to Thor Chinchilla. Thank you.    

Unlicensed Property Management assistance and Unlicensed Sale Assistant.

Veronika currently is working for a legal firm as a legal assistant. Part-time she is an assistant for Thor Chinchilla. She has her Corporate and Conveyancing certificate. In June 2012 she received her Tourism Management and Hospitality Bachelor's Degree. She worked for sparkling hills for a time. Currently, she is very involved in the church and plays the piano as well as sings. Being in Canada for just over 6 years now she is set to receive her citizenship and speaks fluent Russian and English.   

Unlicensed Sale Assistant and Unlicensed Property Management Assistance.

Leslee is currently is in both construction as contractor and subcontractor. She is a part-time assistant for Thor Chinchilla. With her extensive background in construction, she is the ideal choice for inspection during a tenancy. She has far more than 35 years of experience in renovations. If you want to put in a basement suite or conduct a renovation she may be available as a GC. From an early age, she worked as a tree faller for a large forestry firm. Her family did own a large cement plant in which she was a class 1 cement truck driver. Over the years she has built from scratch or substantially renovated many homes from all ages.     

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